About Clenchy™


Our Story

Clenchy™ is a revolutionary seating option for patients being treated with clear aligners including Invisalign®.

Clenchy™ born when the developer herself was in clear aligners & provided with a seating tool she did not care to use.  It was bulky, collected saliva and broke down after use.  Asking her orthodontist for other seating options, he had nothing to provide.  Working for a family business IDM Tooling, a company who Innovates, Develops and Manufactures creative products, building and producing injection molds and plastic parts, she created and launched Clenchy™. 

After 2 years of successful market growth, Clenchy2™ was developed to allow for both seating and removal all in one. Clenchy2™ does not retain moisture, is more comfortable, easy to hold, and is very effective in removing airgaps between patients’ teeth & the aligner, an important part of successful treatment. The retriever hook allows for easy tray removal without damaging the tray and the 2 in 1 tool fits inside all Invisalign®and aligner cases!  

Proud Partners:

Benco Dental uses Clency teeth aligner seaters for clear aligners

OSCuses Clency teeth aligner seaters for clear aligners

CRD uses Clency teeth aligner seaters for clear aligners