ClenchyTM & Clenchy 2TM

Clenchy Ortho Aligner Seater the best method to maximize your teeth aligner

The revolutionary Aligner Seater... and Remover
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FDA Registered & Patented

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Clenchy™ & Clenchy 2™ ~ The Aligner Seater & Remover That...

Breaks The Mold

The unique design of Clenchy™ makes it easy to hold and chew.  It helps close the airgaps between your teeth and the clear aligners including Invisalign®

Using your Clenchy™ regularly will ensure you finish your treatment on time and with desired results.  The Clenchy™ does not retain moisture or produce saliva like other products.  Clenchy™ will last longer and make your aligner fit and feel better.  The compact size fits in your Invisalign® aligner case to conveniently store and take on-the-go.  Clenchy™ also helps with TMJ.  Clenchy™ is made of a FDA registered Patent latex & BPA free material.  It is flexible yet firm and does not lose its elasticity over time.

Clenchy clear aligner accessories fit perfectly in a retainer case with clear aligners like Invisalign and others.
Clenchy ortho aligners outperform other teeth alignment seaters
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Experience the Difference

Clenchy™ Ortho Outperfoms Other Aligner Seaters & Removers


Dual-sided surfaces in firm, latex free, flexible material provides an easy chewing option for orthodontic patients.  Clenchy2™ features a flexible plastic hook on one end for safe, comfortable removal. Both Clenchy™ and Clenchy2™easily fit inside your Invisalign® retainer case.



Comfortably and efficiently closes airgaps between patients’ teeth and clear aligners including Invisalign®.  Does not retain moisture or produce saliva like other products.  



Budget-friendly Clenchy™ Pack of 2 aligner seaters last patients up to end of treatment!  WOW!